Sunday, August 20, 2017

Million Yen Women

Hyakuman en no onna tachi aka Million Yen Women is finally out on Netflix outside Japan. I was very intrigued by the show and then gave it an unfavourable review when I mistook the second last episode for the last one. Still doesn't change the fact the revelation of the mastermind and the mastermind's purpose was very meh for me.

The last episode did set things right. I did a bit of rewatching of the first two episodes with Japanese subs and the show still holds up and knowing who the mastermind is does make rewatching more interesting. Maybe I mind change my mind about the mastermind on my second watch.

Anyways, Million Yen Women is not your run of the mill harem show and the women are much more than your typical stereotypes. Its not often I can say I like all of them, except for one.

Very watchable show. Worth giving a bit of money to support jdoramas. Daddy of Light starts the 1st of next month so I recommend you wait till then. Hopefully Netflix pouring money in jdoramas and anime will allow the industry to be more creative instead of catering for the boring masses.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Tsubaki Bunguten


Tabe Mikako returns to her hometown of Kamakura after her estranged grandmother dies. Mikako's grandmother trained her to be professional letter writer when she was young but Mikako rebeled and hated it.

Its basically a small town everyone has a past show and the letter writing is just an excuse for Mikako to investigate her clients.


Its basically for people who enjoy easy to watch shows and of course Tabe Mikako fans. The rest of the casting is great with Takahashi Katsunori and Katase Nana.


The letter writing gimmick is pretty paper thin, especially in this age of electronic communication. I kinda wished they had set it in the 80s. The only interesting letter for me was the debt refusal story.


The second half gets better when its not burdened by the letter writing gimmick for random clients and focuses the relationships between the characters but ultimately it was very meh for me. The mark of a bland show is when you wish you were watching better shows in the same genre such as Kibougaoka no Hitobito and Coffee-ya no Hitobito. Meh.

Tuesday, August 08, 2017

MIFF 2017: In this Corner of the World / Kono Sekai no Katasumi ni

The Melbourne International Film Festival is back and the movie that I wanted to watch is 'In this Corner of the World' which I have read good things about. Its a poignant movie about a young woman Suzu who lives in Hiroshima during WW2 and its about the world through her eyes.

In this Corner of the World is a beautifully painted anime with a water colourly feel. When the story gets dark in the second half, it will definitely pull at your heartstrings especially in regards to the suffering of the normal people and their attempt to survive during the hardships of war and rationing.

However, I thought the movie had pacing problems and could have easily shaved 15 minutes from its 2 hour runtime and no vital information would have been lost. There were scenes that went too long or were not necessary and I got a bit bored in the first half.

While the movie is certainly moving, it doesn't do anything that I've not seen from many movies and doramas about WW2 and I don't feel like it does it well enough to warrant a recommendation. Its ok but no Grave of Fireflies.

Friday, August 04, 2017

2017 Japan Trip 2 Part 4: Rest of the pictures

Main reason for going to Sky Tree was for this real life Macross thing!

I want to hop into the cockpit!!!!

Can't remember where this cat was from.

Shinjuku at night.

Kimi no Na wa posters at Shinjuku Station advertising the release of the blu-ray.

Peter Rabbit exhibition near Tokyu Hands in Shinjuku.

Went for the 4000 yen Unagi. Was it delicious? Yes. Was it worth it? No.

Golden Gai in Shinjuku aka Champion District from Yakuza.

Hirekatsu at Narikura in Takadanobaba.

Look at the succulent meat of the special roast tonkatsu from some special mugi fed pigs.

Mouth watering very high quality pork. Absolutely worth the 3900 yen price. The one hour wait time is ok once in a while.

Angel Heart exhibit in Shinjuku.

Nothing cools you down in the Japanese summer like macha ice-cream.

Can't remember what type of custard this was but I was too full to eat it at the time. :(

My game haul from this trip. Not to mention 20000 yen in PSN cards which I've spent nearly all.

Finally a Berserk poster! Not the best poster but finally I have one!

Tuesday, August 01, 2017

2nd Japan trip 2017 Part 3: Hakubutsufes and bugs

One feature of Japanese summer besides the heat is the abundance of bugs. I'm not just talking being able to hear cicadas and higurashis but also bug events! In the above picture, we're lining up to go to Hakubutsufes at the National Science something. It was very close to the Yasukuni Shrine and the Imperial Gardens.

Hakubutsu means natural history and this event is for animal, bug and science lovers.

Kabutomushi aka Japanese rhinoceros bettle.

These two unfortunately aren't for sale.

Got this polar bear for 2man after a lot of deliberation. I way overpayed for it but it looks pretty good hanging in my room. :)

This is from another Kuwabata festival at Tokyo Sky Tree which we had not intention of going up. The main reason for going will be in the next post. The shop owner was very kind and allowed us to get close to this gigantic kabutomushi.

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Hakone 2017 Part 2

On the way to Gora Park, we stopped by this nice little eatery for my first ever omurice with demiglace sauce.

Gora Park is a tropical park.

Good thing there are still ajisai that have not died yet.

Missed out on this night train passing by illuminated ajisai by a few weeks. :(

Went to Kurata  for dinner. The same Izakaya I went to during my first Japan trip.

The highlight was definitely the sushi. OMFG, so freaking fresh! Its been a long time since I've had sushi and thought OMFG.

The hirekatsu was very meh.

Walking around Hakone at night after dinner.

Did a detour to a nearby jinjya before returning back to Ohmiya ryokan and also restock my cigarettes.

Offerings at the shrine.

Love this shot. Luckily the light is activated by motion sensor.